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  1. The Nasty Lady from Denmark
  2. Harley V Trump.
  3. Spit shine that beeyatch ...
  4. Trump after 1st year equal to Obummer
  5. Trumps Top 10 Wins
  6. 10 worst Trump controversies, 2017
  7. MSM against Israel? Palestine faked Jerusalem protest
  8. Witch Hunt
  9. NFL/Trump
  10. Siding With The Dems?
  11. I Think the Left Did a Good Job in Charlottesville
  12. What is up with Nuclear Powers: Iran, N. Korea, Et Al
  13. first 6 months: Trump gets a 'B' from Reagan advisor
  14. WH Leakers will be fired -Scaramucci
  15. Mueller crosses Red Line:Biggest firestorm since Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre
  16. 90% of this Media outlet (CNN), the last few months, neg. on Trump
  17. Holy Crap!!!
  19. First 100 a sham
  20. O Reilly
  21. Happy?
  22. Trump on Propecia????
  23. Approval Rate in The Toilet
  24. Trouble In GOP Paradise?
  25. Made In China
  26. Verdict on The Short?
  27. My question of: "Why the Misery Still?" - Answered
  28. So Far, So Good?
  29. Huma Abedin Terrorist Connections
  30. Only a matter of time.......
  31. Headlines Made Me Laugh
  32. New MKE Chapter
  33. Scam or No Scam?
  34. "Hillary's America" ......
  35. Trump if nothing else, stays in the limelight!
  36. Trump Turned Down by Kasich
  37. We Have Found Our New "Leader".. HRC
  38. Circus RNC is over
  39. Natural news.com
  40. AMMOLAND..Shooting,Sports,News; Subscribe
  41. Obama Crashes Meeting.. The Daily Wire
  42. Fema Investigator Report... 9/11
  43. Economic Crisis Report...
  44. Alex Jones Channel
  45. False Reality....
  46. Pastors Warn End Of Days...Upon Us
  47. Emergency! Planet Close To WW111.?
  48. Alex Jones.. How Black Lives Matter...going to destroy this country
  49. Alex Jones.. How Black Lives Matter...going to destroy this country
  50. Hitlery's America.. Dinesh D'Sousa
  51. The Gun Grab Documentary Dark Secrets Revealed
  52. We are doing this for you said big brother
  53. Thomas Jefferson
  54. Sarah Palin on Obama "a special kind of stupid"
  55. Third Party?
  56. Cruz out?
  57. The New Trump? Or Old Trump?
  58. Judge Scalia Part II - They should be ashamed.
  59. RIP Judge Antonin Scalia
  60. TRUMP
  61. Holy BS Socialist!!!!
  62. The Media - Worse than politicians?
  63. Prof at Kent State being investigated by the FBI, recruiting for ISIS?
  64. Palin's trailor trash again?
  65. Dem Debate, Snore-fest
  66. They voted for The U.N. resolution to take our guns!
  67. GOP Primary Circus
  68. No Action?
  69. Company confuses Barack Obama with Chris Smalling on England team mug
  70. Another attempt to take guns away in California
  71. Nothing like a little dreaming ...
  72. “Broken Promises”
  73. Just a thought ... perhaps a very good one ...
  76. Oh god it's election year again?
  77. Say good bye to America.
  78. What a slap in the face....
  79. 2016.. Oh hell no!!!
  80. Elephants and Asses plus so much more
  81. National Parks Closures - A Question
  82. D-Day cemetery in Normandy closed
  83. California lawmakers approve driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants
  84. Obama admin had restrictions on NSA reversered in 2001
  85. Conservative political correctness
  86. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  88. Obama rated 5th best U.S. President ever!!
  89. Is every single US Citizen telephone call recorded and stored?
  90. Ok, this is just PC stupidity
  91. No wonder I can't find any ammo....
  92. Hanoi Jane playing Nancy Regan.
  93. This is pretty good.
  94. This pisses me off.
  95. Makes a person wonder...
  96. I really can't believe this....
  97. Gun Control
  98. Will you look at this crap!!!!!
  99. A discussions on politically correct speech
  100. A must listen
  101. Fox News: unfair & unballanced
  102. The Obama Deception
  103. Mitt Romney Responds To Hidden Video: 47% Remarks
  104. The Obama Deception HQ Full length version
  105. Oh Sweet Jesus
  106. Oh Brother
  107. Interviewing some of Obamas base
  108. Navy SEALS Respond After Called Gutless
  109. Top Ten Reasons To Dislike Mitt Romney
  110. Forward
  112. Thought this was interesting ...
  113. Obama Tried To Bribe Jeremiah Wright Into Keeping Quiet
  114. If I Wanted America to Fail
  115. Free speech now a felony - Obama signed into law
  116. Can someone help me understand?
  117. Grass Roots
  118. Ron Paul from across the pond
  119. Screwed at the Pump
  120. Prices
  121. Another Thing to Worry About
  122. I CAN'T PAY
  123. 2012 Hopeful rides Harley
  124. The Obama's ...........
  125. Palins new job
  126. Here We Go Boys and Girls
  128. Barack's BS Bingo
  129. Our Past Presidents When They Were Young
  130. Here's one of the reasons why our country is going broke
  131. Here's one of the reasons why our country is going broke
  132. More Rant's
  133. To the US Government
  134. How True!!!